About Trusty AG

Trusty AG is a provider of web-based, secure and confidential whistleblowing system called Trusty. The whistleblowing system Trusty (the application, its webpages, as well as the database in which the submitted personal data and information are stored) is operated by Trusty AG on behalf of the organization as the latter's contractual processor. The database is encrypted and hosted on virtual servers in a high-security data centre located in the EU. Trusty AG has no rights with regard to the data in the said databse; its assigned personnel has access to the database exclusively for the purpose of technical maintenance. The ownership of the data and the associated legal responsibilities are retained by the organization at all times. All communication between Trusty and the web browser of a reporting person is encrypted to protect data confidentiality (SSL). Neither IP addresses, time stamps nor any other metadata of the reporting person are logged or stored. To maintain the connection between the web browser of the reporting person and Trusty, a cookie which contains only the session ID is stored on the reporting person's desktop. The cookie is only valid until the end of the session and becomes invalid when the browser is closed. We also use a HTTP cookie with a random string to enhance security. That cookie expires in two hours. Trusty AG Bösch 82 6331 Hünenberg Zug, Switzerland support@trusty.report